Sports Media and Journalism

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Professional Development Workshops
26 September 2017 to 27 September 2017

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Location : Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC), Westbay Area

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QAR 4,000.00

In an increasingly digital world, the field of sports media and journalism is constantly evolving. This two day workshop will focus on the latest developments in the space and also look to the future to see what sport media and journalism will look like in years to come. Some of the topics delegates can expect to explore are best practices in sport journalism, including the impact culture has on the coverage of an event, and how social media has impacted the way major sporting events are covered. Delegates will also be given insight into some of the developing technology that is set to disrupt and revolutionize the typical broadcasting model, while they will also learn about media management at major events, which will look at the journey of the journalist from start to finish of an event. The workshop will involve a combination of keynote presentations, Q&A sessions, and interactive workshops where participants will be asked to work through challenges designed to develop delegates’ understanding of the topics explored.


Delegates will explore the following topics:

  • Media management at major events
  • Maximising the use of social media
  • The role of sport journalism during major events
  • Future of sport media


Learning outcomes includes:

  • Understanding how social media channels can be utilised to maximise the effectiveness of your coverage of a major event
  • Examining the newest developments in the area of sport media, and gain insight into how this might impact the field going forward
  • Learning how to balance the intricacies of culture with the duty of a journalist to properly cover a major event


 This workshop is delivered in partnership with Leaders, a global event, publishing and consulting business in sport serving a global network of senior executives.  

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